About Us

Debt Prodigy’s Money Mastery system is a personal financial literacy program aimed at helping couples and individuals eliminate debt, reduce tax liability, and create a predictable retirement. Its ultimate goal is to help you build wealth on ANY income.

The magic of Debt Prodigy is not in the elements of the system, but in how the elements of the program interact with each other.

Anyone can find an expert to help them get out of debt. Anyone can hire a tax adviser. We all know there are plenty of financial planners and advisors anxious to manage retirement portfolios.

What we can’t find anywhere else is a TEAM of experts who TEACH YOU how to manage every aspect of your finances, from how you spend to what you save. Our TEAM can help you look at your entire financial situation and treat it holistically, putting all the pieces of your financial puzzle together in the right order, giving you complete control of every part of your financial life.

Debt Prodigy’s Coaches teach you how to change your behavior and make positive and lasting changes in a way that does more than reducing debt and save for retirement, but ultimately helps you build WEALTH on ANY income!

We love to hear from our clients and interested parties in Debt Prodigy. Please feel free to contact us on our Contact US page for any questions, comments or suggestions. Contact us today at 800-529-2717 or support@debtprodigy.com

TEAM at Debt Prodigy
Together Everyone Achieves More!!