Debt Prodigy’s Affiliate Program

What is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is an Independent Associate who has elected to join Debt Prodigy for an additional Website Access Fee.

An Affiliate can refer friends, family, and acquaintances to sign up as Subscribers to the Debt Prodigy Software Program or to join as an Independent Associate in any of the Positions in Debt Prodigy.

As an Independent Associate, an Affiliate has the ability to refer new Subscribers and or Associates to our Debt Prodigy Program and participate in the Debt Prodigy Compensation Plan.

Any Debt Prodigy Affiliate can move into any of the other Positions offered in the Debt Prodigy Compensation Program at any time.


Earn Bonuses for Referring Your Friends, Family, and Acquaintances

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Control Spending
Increase Savings
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To Achieve the Financial Life
They have Always Dreamed Of.

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