1.  I am 18 years of age or of legal age in the state in which I enter this Agreement.  I agree that I will receive a Debt Prodigy Associate number that will become my Debt Prodigy identification number to be used for all communications with the Debt Prodigy corporate office, including sales or sponsorship. I also understand I will be allowed access to the Debt Prodigy Inc. website and software of which I am paying a fee for and not for the purchase of products to sell. As an Associate I will also be able to access tracking software of which I have agreed to pay an additional fee for. Once access is granted no refunds will be available.

2.  I shall become an Independent Debt Prodigy Associate and/or an Independent Debt Prodigy Financial Coach (herein after referred to as IAS) upon acceptance of this agreement by Debt Prodigy, Inc.(herein after referred to as Debt Prodigy) As a Debt Prodigy Associate, I shall have the right to sell the services and products offered by Debt Prodigy in accordance with Debt Prodigys marketing programs and statement of policy and procedures, which may be amended and changed from time to time. As a Debt Prodigy Financial Coach you agree to maintain a current state Life Insurance License with appropreiate E&O Coverage.

3.  Upon notification to IAS, Debt Prodigy, at its discretion, may amend the marketing plan, policy and procedures, IAS terms and conditions, etc.

4.  I have carefully reviewed Debt Prodigy’s marketing plan, policies and procedures, and acknowledge that they are incorporated as part of this agreement in their present form and IAS modified from time to time by Debt Prodigy.

5.  An IAS is entitled to cancel participation in the marketing programs at anytime for any reason upon written notice to the company.  Upon notification of termination, Debt Prodigy will repurchase sales kit materials within 30 days of acceptance, provided the materials are suitable for resale, in accordance with its policies and procedures. The term of this IAS Agreement is One Year.  It must be paid and renewed monthly or annually if elected.  Non renewal of this agreement forfeits any further compensation. It is Debt Prodigy’s intention to automatically renew this agreement at the end of each year for whatever the current rate would be upon the renewal date.

6.  I will not use Debt Prodigy’s, trade name and/or trademark, or any associated trademarks or tradenames, except in the advertising provided to me by Debt Prodigy or in other advertising without “prior written approval” by Debt Prodigy. Any use of unauthorized literature or media is strictly prohibited and is grounds for termination.

7.  I shall not mix any other products and/or services with Debt Prodigy products or services or adulterate them in any way.  All products ordered by IAS are purchased by IAS F.O.B. To such price shall be added shipping, all taxes, or federal, state, municipal charges, including any collection charges for use of credit cards, or electronic payment fees, now or hereafter levied against Debt Prodigy’s sale or delivery of the products. IAS agrees and acknowledges that IAS will pay Debt Prodigy in a timely fashion and gives Debt Prodigy the right to process payment by any means that Debt Prodigy desires including, but not limited to, credit cards, ACH payments, electronic check processing or other lines of credit for all money amounts due to Debt Prodigy.

8.  Prior written approval from Debt Prodigy is required for the following:

     A.  To advertise Debt Prodigy services or products;

     B.  For there to be more than one IAS in an immediate family, household, or business; (see Policies and Procedures)

     C.  Issuance of a IAS Agreement in a Business or Corporate name.

9. Any IAS, who sponsors other IASs, must fulfill the obligation of performing a bona fide supervisory, distributing, and selling function in the sale or delivery of product to the ultimate consumer and in the training of those sponsored.  IAS must maintain ongoing contact, communication and management supervision with his or her sales organization.  Examples of such supervision may include, but are not limited to, newsletters, written correspondence, personal meetings, telephone contact, voice mail, electronic mail, training sessions, accompanying individuals to Debt Prodigy training and sharing genealogy information with those sponsored.  IAS may be required to provide evidence to Debt Prodigy semiannually of ongoing fulfillment of sponsor responsibilities.  IAS agrees to abide by the HIPPA law with regards to all privacy issues with clients, insurance companies, Debt Prodigy operators, and any or all other related privacy issues.  IAS also agrees to hold Debt Prodigy harmless for any violation of the HIPPA law or any Privacy Laws by IAS.

10. Debt Prodigy’s program is built upon retail and wholesale sales to the ultimate consumer. Debt Prodigy also recognizes that IASs may wish to provide services in reasonable amounts for their own personal and family use.  It is Debt Prodigy’s policy, however, to strictly prohibit the purchase of services, products, or the signing up of IAS’s in unreasonable amounts “solely” for the purpose of qualifying for bonuses or advancement in the marketing programs.  IASs may not load or encourage others in the program to load up on inventory, products, or services. IASs must fulfill published personal and downline retail sales requirements, IAS well IAS supervisory responsibilities, to qualify for bonuses, overrides, or advancements.

11.  I acknowledge that I am a wholly independent marketing Associate who establishes retail and/or wholesale customers for Debt Prodigy products and services IAS an independent contractor.  I agree to put myself out to the public IAS an independent Associate. The position of IAS does not constitute either a sale of a franchise or a distributorship.  This Agreement is not intended and shall not be construed to create a relationship of employer-employee, agency, partnership, franchisee, or joint venture between any IAS, sponsor, manager, director, and/or Debt Prodigy, Inc.  I will not be treated as an employee in regards to any laws covering employees, including but not limited to, the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, the Social Security Act, the Federal Unemployment Tax Act, income tax withholding at source or for any federal, state, or local tax laws. 

12. As an Independent Associate, I shall:

   A. At my own expense, make, execute or file all such reports and obtain such licenses IAS are required by law or public authority with respect

     B.  Be solely responsible for declaration and payment of all local, state, and federal taxes, including  but not limited to, sales, use or revenue taxes, IAS may accrue because of my activities in connection with this agreement.

     C.  I shall have the sole right to control the manner in which I perform my duties under this agreement, except IAS expressly provided herein. I shall be responsible for all of my costs and expenses in any way relating to this agreement and the profitability or lack thereof, of my business. I agree to indemnify and hold Debt Prodigy, Inc. harmless from and against all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, taxes, costs, and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys fees and legal expenses, which may arise relating to any action or conduct or failure to act, by myself, by agents, or employees which wIAS not actually authorized by Debt Prodigy, Inc. including, but not limited to, any violation of the Privacy Act.

13.  I agree to operate in a lawful, ethical and moral manner and will use my best effort to promote the sale of the services and/or products offered by Debt Prodigy to the general public within the areas and parameters designated by Debt Prodigy.  My conduct must be consistent with public interest, and shall avoid all discourteous, deceptive, misleading or unethical practises. I also agree not to “actively pursue” the accounts, customers, or clients of an existing Debt Prodigy IAS. IASs are encouraged to keep accurate records, and to conduct themselves in a business like manner at all times. Additionally, I agree to abide by all federal, state, and local and legal statutes governing the sale or solicitation of the services and products marketed by Debt Prodigy, including, but not limited to occupational licenses, solicitation licenses, business licenses, merchants licenses, or permits that may be required to perform under this Agreement.

14.  I agree to submit any complaint, grievance, or claim against another IAS, sponsor, manager, director, or Debt Prodigy to the Corporate Office for resolution and settlement in accordance with the Polices and Procedures prior to contacting any regulatory agencies or taking any legal action.  I agree to allow the Corporate Office thirty (30) days to handle the claim.  I understand and agree that a breach of this covenant on my part will make and hold me liable for damages and legal cost to Debt Prodigy.

15.  Debt Prodigy may immediately terminate a IAS who discredits Debt Prodigy’s name, violates any requirement contained in this Agreement, Debt Prodigy’s Policy and Procedures, training manuals or mis-represents Debt Prodigy’s services, products, or business opportunity by making claims contrary to Debt Prodigy’s product literature or fails to pay any amount owing Debt Prodigy or its Associates.

16.   I understand that no attorney general or other regulatory authority ever reviews, endorses, or approves any product, membership, compensation program or company, and I will make no such claim to others.  In the event a question shall arise concerning legal compliances by Debt Prodigy, all such questions shall be submitted to Debt Prodigy’s Legal Department in writing.

17.  I understand that I may not contact any of Debt Prodigy’s Vendors and/or Third Parites, nor request any relationship other than a consumer.  I also understand that I may not have Contracts or Agreements with any company dealing with said Vendors, and/or Third Parties other than those established previous to this Agreement. If discovered by Debt Prodigy, this IAS Agreement will be immediately terminated, on going commissions forfeited and/or remedies sought to the fullest extent of the law.

18.  This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Arizona and all claims, disputes and other matters between the parties of this agreement shall be brought in Maricopa County Court in Phoenix, Arizona, or in the U.S. District Court, in Phoenix, Arizona.

19.  This agreement with the policies and procedures constitutes the entire agreement between myself and Debt Prodigy, Inc. and no other additional promises, representations, guaranties or agreements of any kind shall be valid unless in writing by Debt Prodigy Inc. If any provision(s) of this Agreement are declared void or otherwise unenforceable, such provision(s) shall be deemed to have been severed from this Agreement which shall otherwise remain in full force and effect.

By checking box below I accept these terms and conditions to become a Debt Prodigy Associate and/or a Debt Prodigy Financial Coach.